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06-29-09 Ebooks & Digital Readers, open chat 1

The transcript below covers the complete #litchat conversation on June 29, 2009. The order appears sequentially from the first post to the final post. Topic was open discussion of ebooks and digital reading devices.

LitChat: Sorry for a late start today in #litchat. Please step into the salon and introduce yourself.
bookladysblog: I’m here! Don’t have an e-reader but am definitely interested in convo & learning more. #litchat
mjmbecky: Have a Kindle & can’t say enough abt. its greatness! #litchat
maggiedana: Am sure they will only get better, but at moment, text design drives me nuts. #litchat
scgreen: New to litchat, and very interested in e-readers. #litchat
jennsbookshelf: Hi everyone! I have a Sony Reader. I don’t use it for all my reading, but use it when I can #litchat
maggiedana: @scgreen Welcome. This is a great place to be. #litchat
maggiedana: Does Kindle have market share in ereaders? #litchat
insidebooks: How quickly do those with digital readers get used to it? Is there a period of mourning for the paperback? #litchat
LitChat: Questions will go up in order received, so convo may seem a bit bumpy. That’s the way of Twitter. Ready for the first question? #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit The way the words look on the screen. #litchat
jfaustus: Hello! I have used a Kindle and my Treo smartphone, but now use iPod touch for ebooks (mostly with eReader app). Forgot: #litchat
scgreen: @maggiedana, @NessieBeliever told me all about it, now I’m finally getting around to it. #litchat
LitChat: Q1 fm @mmj5170 How many real formats will be vying for position?Is it feasible for author/publisher to produce in multiple formats? #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit I want a font with good spacing and lines of justified text without big gaps in them. #litchat
jennsbookshelf: @insidebooks I still read “real” books, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to reading an e-book #litchat
maggiedana: Am book designer so elec. text drives me wild. I doubt there will be an eReader I could ever love! #litchat
maggiedana: I design the insides of books (fiction and non) but not covers. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Problem lies with technology, not with publishers. Techies are NOT typographers, sadly. #litchat
mjmbecky: Not sure what cost is to put out electronic version for e-publications??? Is it really a huge cost to publishers? #litchat
bonnieadamson: @maggiedana Oh, thank you on behalf of book designers everywhere! #litchat
jfaustus: Q1 I hope we get down to 2 or 3 ebook formats. I don’t think the current situation is v. feasible for most authors/publishers. oops #litchat
maggiedana: <—- is very grumpy on subject of eReaders. #litchat
maggiedana: @bonnieadamson Ah, thankyou god. A kindred spirit! #litchat
NicLovesBooks: Hello all! I don’t have an e-reader, but I’m extremely interested in the Kindle. #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky It’s cheaper than print. #litchat
maggiedana: @NicLovesBooks My son and family all have Kindles. Love ’em. I live in fear they will give me one for Christmas. #litchat
susanmpls: Pubs do produce in multiple formats if we sell for multiple ereaders. epub; mobi/azw; pdf; lit; for example. #litchat
dotterel: As a forward-looking author with e-rights to my novel Writing Therapy, can anyone recommend a UK e-book service like Smashwords? #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit e-ink? No. Tell me more. #litchat
CarolyBurnsBass: I don’t think e-books will take off in a big way until a single format can be dowloaded into multiple reading devices. #litchat
scgreen: @maggiedana but is that cheaper cost passed on to the reader? #litchat
dotterel: – and, for the record, I’m a Stanza user! #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana Didn’t think it was expensive, so wondered abt. question asking if multiple forms bit much. Doesn’t seem so. #litchat
maggiedana: @CarolyBurnsBass How right you are. Need single format (attractive to read), not the current mish-mash. #litchat
cafeofdreams: I use my Blackberry to read ebooks and so far have really enjoyed it. Would love to compare to other ereaders though #litchat
susanmpls: @mjmbecky cost varies. depends on whether a publisher is working w/ xml workflow. #litchat
mjmbecky: Have found that large books (i.e. Ulysses, Kindly Ones, The Stand) are much easier to pick away at in electronic form. #litchat
maggiedana: @scgreen Not as far as I know. Pubs are being blasted for that right now. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit e-Ink. Will ask my techie son about that one. #litchat
bonnieadamson: @maggiedana I’m fine w/newspapers, mags on eReaders, but “a book deserves a place on a shelf” <quote from husband #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Will it crease like paper, too??? 😉 #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @maggiedana I love the idea of being able to take multiple books when I travel. My fear, as with any gadget, is longevity v, price #litchat
maggiedana: @bonnieadamson I love your husband. May I borrow him for a bit? #litchat
mjmbecky: Interesting to see strong reactions out of authors abt. e-books. Some really refuse to allow e-versions? #litchat
maggiedana: Not sure about reading from eReader in tub, though. #litchat
maggiedana: @NicLovesBooks Kindles keep updating. New one every year or less. I could not afford to keep up. #litchat
cafeofdreams: @mdbenoit I think ebooks will take over print copies in the very near future b/c of cost and storage capabilities #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Sound effects? As in ARGGGGHHH !!! when you are electrocuted, or when you see your $$$$ ruined? #litchat
cafeofdreams: @maggiedana Very true- I love to read in the tub, but an e-reader would be worrisome. Maybe they will come up with a waterproof cov #litchat
CarolyBurnsBass: @mdbenoit In reality, last week in traveling through 3 int’l airports, saw only 2 people w/readers, but dozens with bound books. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana I still like Kindle 1 for ability to put in own smart card to save books on. Have 100s of classics on card. #litchat
maggiedana: @cafeofdreams Doubt a waterproof cover would do the job. #litchat
Kirtim: no Kindle in Canada yet. Sony reader an option with adobe de for epub support. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Then why haven’t I gotten more money for my novel???? #litchat
Kirtim: tried the iliad a couple of years ago but usability was a big problem not to mention content na. #litchat
mjmbecky: @CarolyBurnsBass Several people tapped me on shoulder during recent flight to ask abt. my Kindle. One waiting for hers to arrive. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Am so clumsy, would need Ziploc bag for self, which negates purpose of bath. #litchat
bookladysblog: I work as bookseller. Meet many customers w/ e-readers but none who want to give up hard copies altogether. Don’t see it happening. #litchat
Rallen1938: Re mechanics of the Kindle, the first model is lutsy with large paging bar, but understand 2nd model is better. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana I probably should be more careful, but have read it while soaking in tub many times. No issues so far! (cross fingers) #litchat
susanmpls: @mdbenoit most bks are NOT e before they are printed–other way around. most pubs convert to ereader frmts after printing #litchat
ReadItForward: @insidebooks I just took my 1st plane ride with e-reader. Life changing. I could carry a purse instead of a backpack! #litchat
maggiedana: @bookladysblog What effect do ebooks have on booksellers? Can customer buy ebook in bookshop? #litchat
mjmbecky: @mdbenoit Makes me happy to see all those choices. Sad if author feels hampered somehow…but allows me to keep reading! #litchat
Kirtim: @susanmpls don’t you think that really has to change? #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana I would think many of us still buy books. My more “academic” reads I still want to hold & write in. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit That’s been happening for past 10 years or more. #litchat
bookladysblog: @maggiedana Customers cannot buy ebooks in my store & don’t think we’ll go that way. Some pubs give access to e copy w/ hard copy #litchat
bookladysblog: @maggiedana We haven’t lost customers to ebooks yet. Many buy hard copies after reading e. Sim. to buying CD after downloading MP3 #litchat
myfriendamy: Regarding a book never going out of print how true is that? There is still music not available #litchat
Rallen1938: The word was suppose to be klutzy not lutsy, sorry #litchat
maggiedana: I hate to think of e-Readers contributing to demise of regular bookshops. Make me desperately sad. #litchat
GenreReviewer: #litchat I’ve never even seen a Sony or Kindle eReader in person (not for lack of trying). At current prices, I won’t risk buying w/o seeing
maggiedana: What do you do when your eReader packs up with your 80 books on it? #litchat
bookladysblog: @myfriendamy Doubt it’s true. My guess is that pubs would pull titles not selling, just like in print. #litchat
myfriendamy: @maggiedana exactly space will still be an issue #litchat
susanmpls: @myfriendamy it’s going to become true. as we can offer bks via POD and e w/o inventory storage costs, won’t need to put bks OP #litchat
LitChat: Q2 fm @mmj5170 If robust format is developed for “real-feel” reader, will growth of smart phone devices undercut the efforts? #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana One reason I love Kindle…amazon manages part & in Kindle 1, you can use a smart card. Keep mine together. #litchat
myfriendamy: @bookladysblog Yes I suspect that as well. #litchat
bookladysblog: @maggiedana I don’t think regular stores or hard copy books are going anywhere. Readers love tangible properties of books. #litchat
WestofMars: @susanmpls I hope this happens. I see lots of resistance to the idea, however. #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit I’m the same way. I have a hard time justifying paying $20-30 for a book I’m going to have to clear out at some point #litchat
myfriendamy: @susanmpls there’s still a storage issue just different. 🙂 #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Yes. You chuck a log in at one end and get a book out the other. #litchat
jennsbookshelf: @maggiedana You don’t have to put all your books on your reader at one time.Can store them on computer & download when you’re ready #litchat
cafeofdreams: If you use sd cards, you can story books on there. Just keep a running list of what’s on where #litchat
WestofMars: @mdbenoit I’ve heard of it. Would love to play with Expresso machine. #litchat
maggiedana: @jennsbookshelf See what a Luddite I am! Duhhh. #litchat
NowatNPL: Devices for information, ink on paper for an experience. Hard to shift that perception! Library in one’s hand is seductive, though. #litchat
bookladysblog: Think e-reader might end up costing me more long run b/c I’d want to buy hard copy of anything I loved as e book, to annotate, etc. #litchat
mjmbecky: One unnerving thing abt e-reader is when I want best friend to read something I read…handing over my Kindle is gut wrenching! #litchat
cafeofdreams: @jennsbookshelf That’s what I do – I use the mobipocket reader and store on my computer. I have 8 on my BB the rest on computer #litchat
myfriendamy: @cafeofdreams now that’s an interesting thought! #litchat
GenreReviewer: @mdbenoit I live out in the middle of nowhere. There are no Sony stores within 90-120 minutes of driving. Not going to happen. #litchat
maggiedana: How many different eReaders are available in the U.S. besides Kindle and Sony? #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit Exactly! That kind of price is what drives me to the library. I’d be more likely to buy books at the ebook rate #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit Especially knowing I could store thousands and not run out of space #litchat
susanmpls: @Kirtim absolutely. working in xml process would change that. #litchat
cafeofdreams: @little_bastard #litchat Have you tried Mobipocket Reader? It’s free and works great
WestofMars: @maggiedana A bunch now. I really liked the BeBook and would consider that one, too. #litchat
npilon: @mjmbecky #litchat Lending books is one of the more annoying unsolved eBook problems. Need to support it somehow, but publishers get nervous
susanmpls: @mdbenoit got it. yes, bks are print-ready pdf, but we need to convert from that to other files if we don’t work in XML #litchat
Kirtim: packed up about 16 years worth of books and they were grossly dusty -not to mention I haven’t looked at them for about 15 years. #litchat
jennsbookshelf: @maggiedana At least, that’s the case with the Sony Reader. Have library on computer, transfer files you want on to reader #litchat
CarolyBurnsBass: Q2 Does anyone read books on their iPhone? If so, how is the screen for reading long text? #litchat
maggiedana: @npilon When they solve this conundrum, I will consider an eReader. I rely heavily on my library. #litchat
susanmpls: @myfriendamy Yes, but. Cost is fixed to store e-file, cost fluctuates to store print inventory. 🙂 #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit I am too, as much as the writer in me wants to help support authors by buying their books. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Formatting PDFs is my job as book designer/typographer. #litchat
cafeofdreams: @maggiedana So far those are the only two that I know of. Am anxious to see who comes out with them soon #litchat
susanmpls: @mdbenoit Espresso is interesting idea, but COGS isn’t setled. Who pays for materials to print? (Store or pub?) & Quality control? #litchat
npilon: @maggiedana #litchat Not sure it’s a real problem. Pubs should Just forgo DRM and deal with the fact that people will pass eBooks to fri …
cafeofdreams: As a reviewer, I read alot of PDFs and that will be a “have to have” when I do get a “read” e-reader #litchat
maggiedana: I know lots of readers who don’t own computer, much less iPhone and BBerry, so real books are their only choice. #litchat
Kirtim: Malcolm Gladwell has a good review in New Yorker re: “Priced to Sell” http://bit.ly/1rUoVn relevant in cost of ebook convo #litchat
LitChat: Convo is flowing like, well, expresso. Next question in five minutes. #litchat
mizwrite: Enjoying commentary on #litchat today. I’ve had my eye on digital readers but haven’t taken plunge yet. (Waiting for next gen?)
cafeofdreams: Formatting always gets messed up in the transfer state to my BB, but have learned to live with it for now, lol #litchat
WestofMars: @susanmpls Why would quality control be an issue with espresso? #litchat
npilon: @mdbenoit #litchat Of course, what you need to watch for there is things like the hidden download limit in Kindle store.
NicLovesBooks: Can you just picture bookstores in the Espresso Book Machine era? No shelves, just a room with a big, glorified penny-stretcher #litchat
cafeofdreams: It very hard to have a signed e-book, also, which I treasure all of my signed books, lol – so another downside to non print books #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Nope. Am old-fashioned when it comes to my reading devices. Most book designers feel way I do. #litchat
susanmpls: @bookladysblog no reason to pull titles that sell infrequently w/e and POD avail. Longtail sales. 2-3/yr over 1000 titles adds up #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: don’t have a kindle or a fancy phone – but I read some books on my DS – liked the fireside noise – love books. Intrigued by tech. #litchat
maggiedana: You don’t get a book’s cover with eReader … yet. I would miss that. Silly, but … #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit True. Getting libraries to buy your book can actually be a big sale in itself. #litchat
bonnieadamson: @mdbenoit Ebooks don’t preserve formatting–they have their own parameters, correct? #litchat
maggiedana: @bonnieadamson I think you’re correct. Anyone else? #litchat
npilon: #litchat I actually read ebooks using bookworm.oreilly.com on my Nokia 6650. Find it perfectly acceptable for reading on-the-go.
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit I wonder if selling will go the way of the eBook, while libraries become the final repository for print form. #litchat
mjmbecky: In the end, for real bookish folks, e-reader is just another great way of getting your fix, not a replacement for anything. #litchat
cafeofdreams: @maggiedana Not silly – book covers are often times like artwork – very beautiful &/or fun, which draws the attention to it. #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana Really? The e-books I’ve read on my ‘puters have had covers. #litchat
maggiedana: I like being able to flip through book. Back and forth. Not the same with eReader. #litchat
cafeofdreams: @rebeccawoodhead How do you read books on your DS? #litchat
maggiedana: @WestofMars Color covers? #litchat
Kirtim: RT @COOLERebook:Research and Markets e-reader report: e-books acct for 1.5% of all book sales; in 2008, that # was just 0.5% #litchat
BookNet_Canada: RT @COOLERebook:Research and Markets e-reader report: e-books acct for 1.5% of all book sales; in 2008, that # was just 0.5% #litchat
maggiedana: @cafeofdreams OK, what’s a DS? #litchat
NicLovesBooks: @mdbenoit Indeed. But while the owners would still make money, the indie bookstore as we know it would die. Would be a diff entity. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana If I’m wanting to flip back and forth, I book mark and then I can jump to those place automatically. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: collected old books as a teenager – 200/300 year old books – and they’re so special but I also love the idea of portability #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana Color covers, yes. the e-readers can’t display color, but my laptop does. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @WestofMars my iphone displays them in color also #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky I ‘flip’ through book pages on my laptop when laying out a book, but prefer flipping through real book pages. #litchat
LitChat: Q3 fm @erin_braincandy How are independent bookstores planning to sell books for e-readers?(Or will they?) #litchat
mizwrite: @maggiedana No covers? I didn’t realize that. Seems an easy fix, though, right? #litchat
bookladysblog: @maggiedana I like to write in my books, underline, make notes & be able to go back to them. Not same w/ e reader either. #litchat
mjmbecky: They’ve been anticipating big changes in publishing…painful changes as technology changes…for a long time haven’t they? #litchat
maggiedana: @WestofMars So, no color cover on eReader, only on your laptop. #litchat
mjmbecky: Seems that book stores (indie or otherwise), along w/ publishers are going to have to change w/ changes in technology. #litchat
maggiedana: @bookladysblog A woman after my own heart. #litchat
WestofMars: @LitChat They can sell USB ports. I got a number of them at a recent author/reader event. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @maggiedana my iphone e-reader has the covers. I think it depends on which one you use. #litchat
npilon: @mjmbecky #litchat Yeah, but how many publishers actually took action based on that? Very few.
maggiedana: @mjmbecky Cange is always painful in publishing. You shoulda heard the yelling when they went from hot lead to digital. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @cafeofdreams there’s 100 books on a cartridge. Really inexpensive. Classics. Set sound to ‘train’ or fireplace or cafe & read #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana eInk technology — right now — is only B&W. So yeah, no color covers. Yet. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana That’s definitely true of books I’ve annotated a great deal. In that case, it can’t be e-book. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @cafeofdreamsI like it because it sounds like the page turning when you click the button. You can change text size etc #litchat
bookladysblog: @mdbenoit I was taught to read w/ a pen in hand, record thoughts, questions, thematic issues, etc. Can’t imagine doing differently #litchat
mjmbecky: I actually think changes in book selling & publishing, while painful in switch, will be exciting to see unfold. #litchat
maggiedana: <— likes the feel of a real book. Spend too much time reading onscreen for my job. Don’t want to do it for pleasure. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @bookladysblog I agree. I love to re-read a book and see how I have changed based on my notes. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana Sounds silly, but teachers used to complain abt. writing process going from hand written to typed. Now ok! #litchat
maggiedana: What do eye docs say about reading from eReaders vs. real books? #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky Exciting will be watching us old stick-in-the-muds having a meltdown. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana I just can’t help but think we’ll continue to adapt. Kind of find it exciting to consider the new readers we’ll catch! #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky not the same. eye strain from screen flicker is not good. #litchat
mizwrite: @rebeccawoodhead Which one is that, with the sounds of fire and pages turning? #litchat
AndreaGardner: @maggiedana I am able to change the background color also to make it easier on my eyes. #litchat
bookladysblog: @AndreaGardner I like being able to go back & find imp. quote or passage whenever I’m thinking about it. Stands out b/c marked. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana LOL. Nah… Can it be as bad as the ever-blinking 12:00 on the VCR timer? 🙂 #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky Next round of human babies will be born with USB ports behind ears. #litchat
bonnieadamson: @maggiedana Exactly. Reading a printed book is a richer experience. #litchat
maggiedana: @mjmbecky I cover my VCR timer with duct tape. #litchat
Kirtim: Adobe digital editions lets you bookmark, annotate, change font size and more. Probably a good place to start with ebooks #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana This teacher would be excited for opportunity to just “plug” student in and upload info.! #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: wrote a six word story: ‘Library shelves empty: Kindle has won’, made me shiver 😉 #litchat
mmj5170: So much passion on both sides, I cannot see bound books disappearing but will increase in price as demand lessens. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @mjmbecky So would this mom! Potty training 101! Done!! #litchat
Kirtim: Book Glutton lets you participate in “social” reading as well as make notes. #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana Now you’re in Neuromancer territory! #litchat
mjmbecky: Won’t lie…haven’t thought about eye strain at all! Usually more worried abt. circulation loss to lower limbs from sitting! 🙂 #litchat
maggiedana: I don’t see 4-color textbooks with elaborate designs lending themselves to eReaders. Yet. #litchat
bookladysblog: @Kirtim I think you can do similar things on Kindle & then print out pages w/ notes, etc. Still not same as in physical book. #litchat
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead Good one, Rebecca. Mine was: Husband impotent. Hid Viagra. Married lover. #litchat
mjmbecky: @maggiedana That’s hilarious! Wonder what duct tape will solve w/ e-readers! 🙂 #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @mizwrite Nintendo DS – ‘living room’ sounds #litchat
AndreaGardner: @maggiedana My kids have some of their school books online and I can see an easy transition from online to e-book. #litchat
maggiedana: @AndreaGardner There’s not enough room on a Kindle screen for a textbook page to display without scrolling. Bad for studying. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Agree about back strain. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @mdbenoit So true. And the cost is less because you can’t ruin an e-book or online book #litchat
Sidney_Williams: I read several novels on my video iPod using iPod Library to convert them for the Notes area, but the novelty kind of wore off. #litchat
mmj5170: I am worried over one company gaining dominant market share with propietary format and reader. Needs to be one format. #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Comics … be a travesty to put them on an eREADER. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: what about a kitchen cupboard door with a flat screen built in and recipes come up? #litchat
mmj5170: @AndreaGardner Unless there’s a power outage when you need to recharge. Candles won’t help. #litchat
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead NO! #litchat
ReadItForward: I don’t think e-readers and books are the same. & I love real books. But for commute, long trip, etc, the e-reader is amazing. #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana Even on the new, bigger Kindle? #litchat
susanmpls: #litchat FWIW, we are changing; the shake-down btwn Azn, Apple, and Google & multiple file formats=constant transition.
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead My cupboards are not to be invaded by eReaders!!! #litchat
mjmbecky: Love the #litchat. Have to go run errands now! Will tuck Kindle in my bag before I go. 😉
mmj5170: Is pirating more of a problem with e-book format? #litchat
maggiedana: @WestofMars How much bigger? Enough for a double-page textbook spread? #litchat
Kirtim: @bookladysblog true but digital editions is free and renders epub! #litchat
AndreaGardner: @maggiedana Mine already are. No cookbooks in this house. Everything is on my computer. #litchat
mmj5170: RT @mdbenoit: @susanmpls the ePub format might win the day, if they stop worrying about DRM #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @maggiedana lol! Are you jumping up and down on your chair yet? 🙂 #litchat
susanmpls: @mdbenoit epub would be fine w/ me. I’m not picky about which file format as long as it meets pub needs and reader’s needs. #litchat
   maggiedana: @AndreaGardner Ditto my son’s house. I can’t figure out how to turn on a light at their place. OTT technology. #litchat
6 days ago from TwitterGadget   
Booklorn: @mmj5170 Curiously many of the books that are pirated are ones that are NOT available in legal ebook format. #litchat
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead Positively tearing hair out! #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana I don’t know. I haven’t seen the bigger Kindle yet. #litchat
susanmpls: @mmj5170 pirating is a problem, but it’s not the biggest problem. $$ is a big hurdle for many of us. change costs $$ #litchat
maggiedana: @WestofMars I’ll report back on it. My son is sure to get one. #litchat
WestofMars: @maggiedana Yeah, do let me know. I was going to play with my b-i-l’s, but ran out of time. #litchat
npilon: @mmj5170 #litchat Piracy isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity.
WestofMars: @susanmpls Cost how? In general, or because they are so closely priced to print? #litchat
maggiedana: @mdbenoit Bye!!! I won’t be here Wed. My book launch bash at local library. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @maggiedana Ah! a traditionalist. You wouldn’t like the story I won that sixwordstory comp with: ‘Miss Haversham gay, he discovers’ #litchat
susanmpls: @Booklorn that’s not true for our stuff. the stuff we’ve found being pirated is converted and made available in digi format. #litchat
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead I love it! Am not traditionalist except when it comes to eReaders. #litchat
mmj5170: @npilon I’m not sure what you mean, if beyond the obvious. #litchat
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead That’s only 5 words. Where’s the other one? #litchat
Booklorn: @susanmpls I’m thinking of things like Harry Potter & the like. #litchat
susanmpls: @WestofMars switch to XML production workflow ; w/o XML, conversion to digibks ; developing new sales channels; all cost time/money #litchat
npilon: @mmj5170 #litchat Pirates are either people who won’t/can’t ever buy your books, or who would buy your books if they could, but can’t.
rebeccawoodhead: @maggiedana that’s the abridged version! LOL! #litchat
Booklorn: @susanmpls Not sure I read your tweet right. Was original legal format digital? #litchat
susanmpls: @mmj5170 think @npilon means that if it’s desirable enough to pirate that we’ve got a potential market for a book. #litchat (right @npilon?)
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead ROFLMAO. So glad to have reason for using acronyms learned in AOL chatrooms eons ago. #litchat
AndreaGardner: @npilon I disagree. Pirates are ones who abuse the rules because they feel they can. And enjoy the challenge. #litchat
rebeccawoodhead: @maggiedana the full version was…’Miss Haversham was gay, he discovered’ #litchat
susanmpls: @Booklorn yeah. we pub in print and digi, original forms–print and digi were legal, but we find digi files pirated online #litchat
npilon: @mmj5170 #litchat First case isn’t a lost sale, second means there’s something you can do better so this person can buy.
maggiedana: @rebeccawoodhead I just sent you a DM. #litchat
npilon: @mmj5170 #litchat That could be convenience of purchase, translation, accessibility, format, regional restrictions, etc.
AndreaGardner: @AndreaGardner then have more fun showing everyone what they are getting away with. #litchat
npilon: @AndreaGardner #litchat “Abuse the rules because they can”/”enjoy challenge” = won’t ever buy your books. You’ve lost nothing.
maggiedana: @AndreaGardner Big problems (and disagreements) over pirates pinching books. #litchat
mmj5170: @npilon Heard similar thought with the wave of book giveaways by publishers. #litchat
npilon: @susanmpls #litchat Yes. Some piracy is merely an unserved market trying to get your book any way they can. (IE, Canadians 😉 )
susanmpls: @npilon guess that means we should distribute in china… #litchat
LitChat: We started a bit late today, so we let the hour run over to make up for it. Please continue if you like. #litchat
npilon: @mmj5170 #litchat See: Free Comic Book Day. VERY successful yearly free giveaway. Generates huge amounts of business for local comic shops.
mmj5170: Speaking of Pirates, I think we stole @litChat #litchat
LitChat: We’ll continue topic of ebooks and digital readers on Wednesday at the same time (4-5 p/et). Thanks for another terrific #litchat


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