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LitPitch winners and finalists

There were dozens of terrific pitches for our first ever #litpitch slam. We had a hard time selecting finalists and winners of the two complimentary manuscript critiques offered by @EditorialDept and Renni Browne. You all deserve a round of applause.

Here are the winners and their pitches:

2.       @alijwalker When Shakespeare and your nature lovin’ grandmother control your life, you just don’t have time for high school. Or stalkers. #litpitch -2:28 PM Nov 20th, 2009

8.       @agnieszkasshoes girl grows up dreaming of the west after mother walks out day Berlin Wall falls. Murakami’s Norwegian Wood set in Hungary #litpitch -2:08 PM Nov 20th, 2009

Here are the eight remaining finalists:

1.       @scgreen #litpitch It’s the thrill that keeps Jake stealing. Caught in the act using his runic implants, he fears the Ravens more than the police. -2:24 PM Nov 20th, 2009

3.       @mariblaser A lovable dog tells the tale of her winter adventures with her beloved one and the intruder in a biased and surprising way.(short) #litpitch -2:23 PM Nov 20th, 2009

4.       @deegospel reluctant bounty hunter uncovers church murder scandal that involves her sister, dead brother-in-law & secret woman’s society #litpitch -2:19 PM Nov 20th, 2009

5.       @AnneTylerLord Kidnapped while filming a movie to reveal Russian mafia’s plots in Prague, Alex & Jack experience real meaning of love & passion #litpitch -2:18 PM Nov 20th, 2009

6.       @beecee Teenage girl moves to remote village in Cumbria, nearby stone circle has an unnatural hold on the villagers. Is she their saviour? #litpitch -2:15 PM Nov 20th, 2009

7.       @maggiedana A woman searches for the child she gave up for adoption and discovers what every mother knows: kids change everything. #litpitch -2:09 PM Nov 20th, 2009

9.       @herstorian My pitch: Abused girl runs away from home & starts lifelong journey; freedom isn’t so free. #litpitch #litchat -2:08 PM Nov 20th, 2009

10.   @Giorgiousphonic #litpitch There are three sides to every story, and only one of them is the truth. -2:25 PM Nov 20th, 2009

We look forward to reading your books in print someday soon.



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