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04-20-09 Alternative Avenues in Publishing, Open Chat

Open chat on Monday, April 20, 2009,  discussing alternative avenues  in publishing open to authors.

1 LitChat Welcome to #litchat. This week we’re chatting alternative routes to publishing. If you’re curious, cautious, or even contemptful, join us. -1:01 PM Apr 20th, 2009
2 LitChat 1> What alternative avenues are available to authors today? By alternative, we mean not pub’d through major traditional house. #litchat -1:04 PM Apr 20th, 2009
3 VanessaDobbs podcasts, internet #LitChat -1:05 PM Apr 20th, 2009
4 mmj5170 RT @LitChat: Welcome to #litchat. chatting alternative routes to publishing. If you’re curious, cautious, or even contemptful, join us. -1:05 PM Apr 20th, 2009
5 atarikari I think the internet is the bigggest route. Even Amazon.com offers self-publishing options #litchat -1:06 PM Apr 20th, 2009
6 LitChat If you’re answering one of the questions with a number and >, please cite it so we can follow your answer back to the question. #litchat -1:08 PM Apr 20th, 2009
7 LitChat Feel free to pose your own questions. There are many publishing pros who follow LitChat. #litchat -1:09 PM Apr 20th, 2009
8 mmj5170 Is self-publishing cheating? Lazy? Or otherwise? #litchat -1:10 PM Apr 20th, 2009
9 atarikari @mmj5170 I was wondering the same thing! Is self-publishing a good idea, or is it better to wait out/try for a deal w/ a large pub #litchat -1:11 PM Apr 20th, 2009
10 authenticstyle @mmj5170 I believe self-publishing is a great option. Especially if you have the guts and drive to promote, sell and market it! #litchat -1:11 PM Apr 20th, 2009
11 LitChat Self-publishing has a reputation for inferior products. Why? A lack of editorial guidance, from content to copy-editing. #litchat -1:14 PM Apr 20th, 2009
12 LitChat 2> Have you read any self-pub’d books? If so, what was your first and last impression? #litchat -1:15 PM Apr 20th, 2009
13 VanessaDobbs @LitChat is it because they are perceived to have been unable to find &/Or been turneddown by pub house? #LitChat -1:16 PM Apr 20th, 2009
14 atarikari 2> Only read self pub’d TEXT books. In my experience – good, but only for specific purpose/when used by the author (professor) #litchat -1:18 PM Apr 20th, 2009
15 jaypers @LitChat I read a self-published book, and I quickly figured out *why* it was self-published. It was AWFUL! #litchat -1:18 PM Apr 20th, 2009
16 LitChat @mmj5170 Self-pub is anything but lazy. There is much work involved in getting books printed, marketed, mailed, etc. #litchat -1:18 PM Apr 20th, 2009
17 LitChat @jaypers Please tell us why it was awful. #litchat -1:19 PM Apr 20th, 2009
18 VanessaDobbs @jaypers has that put you off reading any more self pub books? #LitChat -1:19 PM Apr 20th, 2009
19 LitChat @VanessaDobbs Many times self-pub books have been turned down by agents/editors. Doesn’t mean the books are bad though. #litchat -1:19 PM Apr 20th, 2009
20 WeberBooks Good writing, editing and self-publishing aren’t mutually exclusive. Good writers challenge stereotypes. #litchat -1:20 PM Apr 20th, 2009
21 jaypers @VanessaDobbs Absolutely not, but I am pickier now. Just bcause its self-pubbed, doesn’t mean it’s not good! #litchat -1:22 PM Apr 20th, 2009
22 windyaphayrath Self-pub could work if well done & well promoted, but author has to be willing to commit to making it successful #litchat #litchat -1:22 PM Apr 20th, 2009
23 jcsimonds I know many successful self-publishers. There is a right way 2 do it. C John Kremer’s Self-Pub Hall of Fame http://twurl.nl/emdl1i #litchat -1:23 PM Apr 20th, 2009
24 clancynacht @LitChat 2> Publishing my own book, I can let you know how that goes. Should be out soonish, a little nervous about it #litchat -1:23 PM Apr 20th, 2009
25 authenticstyle @LitChat I self-published a book and it opened so many doors! I’ve done radio, TV, speaking events – I have no regrets! #litchat -1:23 PM Apr 20th, 2009
26 VanessaDobbs I wouldn’t be put off self pub at all just curious aboutother people’s perceptions. #LitChat -1:23 PM Apr 20th, 2009
27 LitChat @WeberBooks True. Self-pub shouldn’t be a kiss of death for a book. Kss of death should be bad writing, whether self or trad. #litchat -1:24 PM Apr 20th, 2009
28 trishheylady @LitChat I’ve read 3. 2 I thought were really good, one I thought was horrible. #litchat -1:24 PM Apr 20th, 2009
29 LitChat @authenticstyle What was your book and topic? #litchat -1:24 PM Apr 20th, 2009
30 LitChat @windyaphayrath What is “well done” in self-pubbing? #litchat -1:25 PM Apr 20th, 2009
31 Bookfoolery @WeberBooks Agree 100%. Also, remember some “big names” were first self-pubbed. Grisham sold books out of the trunk of his car. #litchat -1:26 PM Apr 20th, 2009
32 mmj5170 Maybe a better question would be “what is self-pulished”? Is it an all or nothing? #litchat -1:26 PM Apr 20th, 2009
33 BethFishReads @trishheylady Even if you don’t buy from Audible, check out their site for ratings and reviews #litchat -1:27 PM Apr 20th, 2009
34 authenticstyle @LitChat “It’s the Little Moments that Matter” http://www.littlemomentsthatmatter.com Genre – Gift/Inspirational #litchat -1:27 PM Apr 20th, 2009
35 BethFishReads @trishheylady I’ve also bought or rented from Recorded Books, Kitabe, Simply Audiobooks. #litchat -1:28 PM Apr 20th, 2009
36 LitChat 3> How many well-known authors self-published their first books? #litchat -1:28 PM Apr 20th, 2009
37 BethFishReads @trishheylady Borders and B&N now have digital downloads #litchat -1:29 PM Apr 20th, 2009
38 LitChat @mmj5170 Good question. Self-pub is when author assumes the complete costs for printing, distributing and promoting book. #litchat -1:30 PM Apr 20th, 2009
39 windyaphayrath @LitChat “well done”: if thought thru & considered carefully. Some may just choose this instead of trad. pub b/c of timeline #litchat -1:30 PM Apr 20th, 2009
40 windyaphayrath @LitChat 3> I believe John Grisham self-pubbed first novel? #litchat -1:31 PM Apr 20th, 2009
41 BethFishReads @trishheylady If you join Audible for a year, downloads are under $10 (that’s the plan Ive had for years) #litchat -1:31 PM Apr 20th, 2009
42 Thandelike @LitChat popping in. ‘perused’ some self-published books. which? dunno, distracted from content by presentation, slack editing #litchat -1:31 PM Apr 20th, 2009
43 LitChat @LitChat 3> @Bookfoolery and @windyaphayrath cited John Grisham as self-pub’d, who is now a superstar author. #litchat -1:32 PM Apr 20th, 2009
44 atarikari I wonder: greater chance of getting known by 1st self-pubbing, or by waiting out and trying to get picked up by a large publisher? #litchat -1:33 PM Apr 20th, 2009
45 windyaphayrath @Thandelike “slack editing” I think that is reason many agents leery of taking on works that have been self-pubbed #litchat -1:33 PM Apr 20th, 2009
46 VanessaDobbs @trisheylady I use UK version of plan with audible andhave been v pleased #LitChat -1:34 PM Apr 20th, 2009
47 windyaphayrath @atarikari I believe it all goes back to the story/writing. Self-pub requires even more mrktng effort by author. If you have time/$ #litchat -1:35 PM Apr 20th, 2009
48 LitChat @atarikari Agents say they aren’t prejudiced by a self-pub’d author, but are hesitant to take a book after it’s been self-pub’d. #litchat -1:35 PM Apr 20th, 2009
49 mmj5170 @atarikari In my own research, being left behind in the dust of industry is a major hurdle with publishers and first time authors. #litchat -1:36 PM Apr 20th, 2009
50 LitChat @atarikari The only way a self-pub’d author will get known is to have a dynamite book that sells a ton through Amazon and such. #litchat -1:37 PM Apr 20th, 2009
51 Bookfoolery @LitChat >3 More recently, the author of The Book of Unholy Mischief self-pub’d & then sold the same title. #litchat -1:38 PM Apr 20th, 2009
52 KatrinaStonoff @LitChat #litchat 3> Brunonia Barry, author of The Lace Reader, originally self-pubbed. -1:38 PM Apr 20th, 2009
53 authenticstyle @LitChat Opinion on self-publishing: Know your market believe in yourself.Get out there and have FUN with it! Don’t let fear stop U #litchat -1:39 PM Apr 20th, 2009
54 LitChat @atarikari But, this has been known to happen. Christopher Paolini with ERAGON. His youth was on his side, plus big niche market. #litchat -1:40 PM Apr 20th, 2009
55 atarikari If looking to self-pub, how do you ensure a quality product? Share in forums, w/ friends & colleagues, other means? Rely on self? #litchat -1:41 PM Apr 20th, 2009
56 LitChat @clancynacht Do let us know. Hope you have a professional edit and a dynamic cover design. Do you? #litchat -1:42 PM Apr 20th, 2009
57 windyaphayrath @atarikari would suggest lots of research to ensure you’re not taken advantage of. no personal exp. but “buyer beware” vibe #litchat -1:42 PM Apr 20th, 2009
58 mmj5170 @authenticstyle Love your style: Have guts! Have Fun! Have no fear! #litchat -1:43 PM Apr 20th, 2009
59 LitChat @atarikari Believe it or not, there are many editors and authors who freelance edit manuscripts. It’s not cheap, but it’s worthy. #litchat -1:43 PM Apr 20th, 2009
60 authenticstyle RT @mmj5170: @authenticstyle Love your style: Have guts! Have Fun! Have no fear! #litchat / THANKS – it works for me :)!! -1:44 PM Apr 20th, 2009
61 LitChat @atarikari One of the problems with first time authors is not being willing to trust the guidance of the editor for fixes. #litchat -1:44 PM Apr 20th, 2009
62 mmj5170 @windyaphayrath This is the red light warning in my head in regards to “working” with publishers. I can hear them scream “NEWBIE!” #litchat -1:44 PM Apr 20th, 2009
63 Best_Books @LitChat 3> beatrix potter began by self publishing alledgedly http://tinyurl.com/35phg8 #litchat -1:45 PM Apr 20th, 2009
64 LitChat @KatrinaStonoff THE LACE READER is an excellent example of a self-pub’d book that went to a trad publisher. It’s quality. #litchat -1:46 PM Apr 20th, 2009
65 LitChat 4> Do you think e-books will change the way publishers bring on new authors? Will they put out more new authors to ebooks only? #litchat -1:47 PM Apr 20th, 2009
66 VanessaDobbs 3> Thomas Hardy, Wm Blake, Beatrix Potter all selfpub originally #LitChat -1:48 PM Apr 20th, 2009
67 Nobilis @LitChat I think self-publishing is going to make inroads unless trad pub’s take curation seriously. #litchat -1:48 PM Apr 20th, 2009
68 LitChat @windyaphayrath From what I hear, edtors are so excited about discovering a new voice, the last thing they’re thinking is “NEWBIE!” #litchat -1:49 PM Apr 20th, 2009
69 atarikari 4> I think it’ll change publishing, definitely. I think the possibility of ‘ebooks only’ is dependant on the genre/book type #litchat -1:49 PM Apr 20th, 2009
70 LitChat @Nobilis Would you please explain what you mean with “curation”? #litchat -1:49 PM Apr 20th, 2009
71 clancynacht @LitChat I did have 2 professional editors that I paid for to make sure it was in shape. The cover is dynamic. #litchat -1:49 PM Apr 20th, 2009
72 mmj5170 4> I don’t think so. There are less paper costs but from my reading, not so big deal. MKG- how do you book sign a e-book? #litchat -1:50 PM Apr 20th, 2009
73 atarikari 4> con’t… I guess what I’m saying is that it may depend on the target/general audience of the particular book. #litchat -1:50 PM Apr 20th, 2009
74 LitChat 3> @VanessaDobbs Yes! More self-pub’d authors who are now in the literary honor roll. #litchat -1:50 PM Apr 20th, 2009
75 LitChat @clancynacht Excellent. Do you have a website? What are you distribution plans? #litchat -1:51 PM Apr 20th, 2009
76 clancynacht @LitChat 4> I think/hope that ebooks will entice publishers to take more chances on what they publish–more niche books #litchat -1:52 PM Apr 20th, 2009
77 windyaphayrath @LitChat thinking more along the lines of warning on the self-pub side. proceed w/caution – know what you’re getting into #litchat -1:52 PM Apr 20th, 2009
78 LitChat @mmj5170 How do you sign an e-book? Great question. It will certainly elevate the printed and signed books. #litchat -1:53 PM Apr 20th, 2009
79 mmj5170 @thecreativepenn Why are you not on #litchat? This is your thing. -1:54 PM Apr 20th, 2009
80 VanessaDobbs @LitChat I do like a signed book! #LitChat -1:55 PM Apr 20th, 2009
81 LitChat Final question 5> Do you buy books from independent publishers? What do you think about the quality of indies vs self-pub’d? #litchat -1:56 PM Apr 20th, 2009
82 LitChat RT @AmethystGreye: I hope not. I’m afraid I’m still part of the Old Guard when it comes to wanting to feel covers and smell pages. #litchat -1:59 PM Apr 20th, 2009
83 atarikari 5> Tend to not buy from indies, unfortunately. My thought is that indies produce higher quality than self-pub’d, thanks to insight #litchat -1:59 PM Apr 20th, 2009
84 mmj5170 5> The ones I have seen and read, there was a lack of good quality. Some were fitting, some sad outside didn’t match the inside #litchat -2:00 PM Apr 20th, 2009
85 CollectedMisc 5> I read bks from lots of publishers; including some great books from small/indie. In my experience, harder 2 find good self-pubd #litchat -2:01 PM Apr 20th, 2009
86 mmj5170 Sorry, but my hour is up. I need to leave and do some “out of my office” work. Great Chat! Thanks to all! #litchat -2:02 PM Apr 20th, 2009
87 VanessaDobbs @LitChat I agree with @AmethystGreve there’s something about covers and new pages although I have ebooks when traveling #LitChat -2:02 PM Apr 20th, 2009
88 authenticstyle @LitChat Thanks for the #litchat today 🙂 Happy Monday to you!! -2:03 PM Apr 20th, 2009
89 thecreativepenn @mmj5170 #litchat Thanks for the invite ! that time is pretty early for me – I’m in Australia! I’ll try to make it! 🙂 -2:04 PM Apr 20th, 2009
90 trishheylady @VanessaDobbs The Shack, The Lace Reader, and Still Alice also self pub’d. But I think their success is rare in self pub’ing. #litchat -2:04 PM Apr 20th, 2009
91 trishheylady @VanessaDobbs I apologize if someone already mentioned those…I’m late to the party. 🙂 #litchat -2:05 PM Apr 20th, 2009
92 VanessaDobbs @trishheylady Have got the Shack but not the others must try them sometime #LitChat -2:06 PM Apr 20th, 2009
93 LitChat @thecreativepenn Wow! What is it there, 7 am? Sorry, but you’re already at the computer. Hope you can join us another time. #litchat -2:06 PM Apr 20th, 2009
94 LitChat @trishheylady No one mentioned THE SHACK and STILL ALICE. Thanks. #litchat -2:10 PM Apr 20th, 2009
95 LitChat We’ve gone over our 1-hr chat, but feel free to continue the discussion. #litchat -2:11 PM Apr 20th, 2009
96 thecreativepenn @LitChat Thanks! I am just getting ready for the dayjob – twitter addiction whilst having breakfast! I’ll try another day! #litchat -2:12 PM Apr 20th, 2009
97 LitChat On Wed. we pick up the topic with guest host Elizabeth Burton, exec-ed of @ZumayaBooks, an indie house started by 2 authors. #litchat -2:13 PM Apr 20th, 2009
98 authorsara RT@LitChat On Wed.we pick up the topic with guest host Elizabeth Burton, exec-ed of @ZumayaBooks, indie house started by 2 authors. #litchat -2:13 PM Apr 20th, 2009
99 LitChat Then Friday, @CarmenShirkey, an author who self-pub’d first novel, THE LIST, joins us for more alternative avenues to publishing. #litchat -2:15 PM Apr 20th, 2009
100 LitChat Thanks to LitChatters: @authorsara @thecreativepenn @VanessaDobbs @trishheylady @authenticstyle @mmj5170. #litchat -2:16 PM Apr 20th, 2009
101 LitChat More LitChat thanks to @clancynacht @atarikari @windyaphayrath @Nobilis @@AmethystGreye @CollectedMisc @Best_Books @luv_xmas #litchat -2:24 PM Apr 20th, 2009
102 llunalila @LitChat sorry I coudln’t make it today Working with something that needs real attention #litchat -2:25 PM Apr 20th, 2009
103 LitChat And more LitChatters today @KatrinaStonoff @Bookfoolery @thandelike @QuipsandTips @kylee_2009 @kj_smith @jaypers @SavannahChase #litchat -2:26 PM Apr 20th, 2009
104 compulsivereade Sorry, missed it entirely (it’s early for me too! Maybe we can do an Oz one one of these days). #litchat -2:28 PM Apr 20th, 2009
105 compulsivereade I’ll just say this: there are some amazing indies out there (and Cannongate started as an Indie), which are producing great books. #litchat -2:29 PM Apr 20th, 2009
106 compulsivereade Many of them give more time and energy to editing, and many of them focus on quality over names. They can work closer with author. #litchat -2:30 PM Apr 20th, 2009
107 llunalila @compulsivereade don’t know if the Oz one would suit me better, guess it would be even worse for me! (I’m in Spain LOL) #litchat -2:31 PM Apr 20th, 2009
108 llunalila @LitChat will try to make it, Wednesday and see what happens ) #litchat -2:31 PM Apr 20th, 2009
109 compulsivereade Indie stars to watch out for: Allen & Unwin (they’re big!), Gromondo and Wakefield in Aus and Graywolf in the US. #litchat -2:32 PM Apr 20th, 2009
110 compulsivereade That’s Giromondo. BeWrite in the UK (my publisher – I’m a little biased), Paperbooks, most university presses. #litchat -2:33 PM Apr 20th, 2009
111 compulsivereade I’ll shut up now since we’re way over, but will try to drop by next chat. #litchat -2:34 PM Apr 20th, 2009
112 shutupmeg (@compulsivereade) I’ll shut up now since we’re way over, but will try to drop by next chat. #litchat -2:35 PM Apr 20th, 2009
113 LitChat Searched Twitter for #litchat: http://tinyurl.com/cml6o8 -2:35 PM Apr 20th, 2009


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