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05-15-09 Candace Havens, romance novelist

The transcript below covers the complete #litchat conversation on May 15, 2009. The orderΒ appears sequentially from the first post to the final post. Topic was open discussion of literary fiction.

LitChat: Sorry to miss #litchat today. Yesterday’s biz flight through Dallas cancelled and rescheduled today.
stanice: RT @LitChat: #litChat today at 4p/e w/guest romance author @candacehavens w/authors @deberryandgrant moderating.
deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/ guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as guest w/ bestselling author @deberryandgrant mo …
deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/ guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as guest w/ bestselling author @deberryandgrant mo …
CandaceHavens: Working on new proposal and already in love w/my hero! Don’t forget I’m guest hosting #litchat today at 4 (ET)
llunalila: @CandaceHavens hope I would be able to make it to #litchat Look foward to reading you!
deberryandgrant: Ah Romance! @LitChat: #litChat today at 4p/e w/guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as host w/author @deberryandgrant moderating.
CandaceHavens: RT @deberryandgrant: Ah Romance! #litChat today at 4p/e w/guest bestselling author @candacehavens as host w/author
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens Luckily you won’t need your tongue to type this afternoon! LOL #Litchat
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant LOL. Thank goodness. πŸ™‚ #litchat
deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/ guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as guest w/ bestselling author @deberryandgrant mo …
deberryandgrant: Be sure to come to #LitChat @LitChat and join us at 4 to talk about romance w/bestselling author @CandaceHavens. VDB is guest moderating!
CandaceHavens: Realized I’m kind of nervous about #Litchat at 4 (ET) today. Hope people show up. πŸ™‚
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens You will be fine!!! #Litchat
deberryandgrant: Hi Everyone. Virginia here (a little early)substitute moderating for Carolyn who’s traveling. #litchat
deberryandgrant: I want to welcome @CandaceHavens, best selling author and our guest host this afternoon. We’re talking romance! #litchat
deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/ guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as guest w/ bestselling author @deberryandgrant mo …
deberryandgrant: Talking Romance today on #LitChat @LitChat 4PM ET
stanice: RT @deberryandgrant: Talking Romance today on #LitChat @LitChat 4PM ET
CandaceHavens: #LitChat, First up what are you reading this weekend… and you guys can ask me anything…
llunalila: @deberryandgrant I’m waiting my daughter to calm down, will kiss her good night and of to #LitChat
deberryandgrant: Welcome Candace. This is pretty painless. You’ll see. And folks come in and out throughout the hour. They’ll be along shortly. #litchat
hollywest: RT @deberryandgrant: Talking Romance today on #LitChat @LitChat 4PM ET
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens Wish I was reading this weekend. Both Donna and I find it hard to read fiction when we’re writing. How about you? #litchat
sheliamgoss: #litchat Candace, question–which one brings you the most challenges. Writing books or interviewing celebrities?
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant #LitChat I can read as long as it isn’t in my genre. In fact for some reason it inspires me.
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat LOL, they are both challenging. Those yes and no answers are killer on interviews. So that might be tougher. πŸ™‚
velvetjademuse: @CandaceHavens #LitChat I’m reading Veil of Illusion by Indy author Patricia Sheehy. Good read so far! And one of my novels…revisions.
sheliamgoss: #LitChat lol.
CandaceHavens: @velvetjademuse #LitChat I despise revisions. πŸ˜‰ I’ve heard about Veil, I will put that on my Kindle list.
sheliamgoss: #LitChat I’m reading Temptation & LIes by Donna Hill.
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat, seriously. I’ve had some crazy interviews where the answers were grunted. Will never share who…
velvetjademuse: @CandaceHavens #litchat Oops…I meant indie author-I think she’s from out east. She came to IL to give a talk to my group about 2 yrs ago.
BizarreJC: @sheliamgoss If you go toTweetChat and login then type in the hashtag you will get to see the whole chat #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @velvetjademuse #LitChat, I read it is as indie. πŸ™‚ LOL. So no worries.
CandaceHavens: @tortaliz #LitChat I do want to write more in Charmed & Dangerous series. That’s up to the publishers. πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: @tortaliz #LitChat I love me some Demons. I’ll have to check that one out.
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens What are you working on now? #litchat
sheliamgoss: Candace Do you plan on doing any touring? #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant #LitChat new proposals for Harlequin. I just signed with them to do Blazes. And Dragons Prefer Blondes comes out July 7…
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Will be touring TX, visiting DC, possible Fla and will be in L.A. in August. πŸ™‚
sheliamgoss: I love that title Dragons Prefer Blondes πŸ™‚ #LitChat
deberryandgrant: RT @deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/ guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as guest host
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens I’m reading my history textbook and Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead this weekend. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @bmarieb #LitChat I love Sookie. My editor at Berkley suggested I read those books many, many years ago before I published.
sheliamgoss: Cool. I wish more authors would come to Shreveport. #LitChat
deberryandgrant: @sheliamgoss You found us #litchat
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Thanks. I never once have come up with a title to my books. My editors always do it. πŸ™‚
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens I’ve read some interviews from authors that left me scratching my head because I didn’t get the negative undertone. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat I’m in TX, and Shreveport isn’t that far. Maybe I’ll make it over there. πŸ™‚
llunalila: @CandaceHavens titles are a tough part for me too. Is there other parts of writing you find tough? #LitChat
sheliamgoss: @deberryandgrant JC helped. I’m still trying to get used to twitter. #LitChat
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens Why is it that authors can’t choose their titles? #litchat
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens That would be great. I’ll keep checking your site for updates. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @tortaliz #LitChat I love those Julie Kenner books!
BizarreJC: @sheliamgoss I try my best to find out what I can and will share it if you ask. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat I don’t like Revisions, the ones I do before I send the book. I don’t mind the ones from my editor. So far πŸ˜‰
kryianna: I’m re-reading Lynn Kurland this weekend. Do you have any recs of new time travels in the same style as hers? #litchat
deberryandgrant: RT @deberryandgrant: RT @deberryandgrant: RT @LitChat: #litChat 2day at 4p/e w/guest bestselling romance author @candacehavens as host
CandaceHavens: #LitChat the title I had for Charmed & Dangerous, was The Witches Diaries. Not very inventive. πŸ™‚
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens I like Charmed & Dangerous but The Witches Diaries is good too. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @kryianna #LitChat Most of my time travels seems to be on TV with Lost and Fringe. But I’m sure someone here has suggestions
kryianna: They got into time travel on Fringe? I stopped watching too soon! #litchat
sheliamgoss: @kryianna me too πŸ™‚ #LitChat
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens Time travels? Demons? Wondering if women need to totally suspend reality to enjoy romance better? #litchat
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant #LitChat I think paranormal (Thank, God, since I write it) is as hot as ever. We need a little fantasy these days.
BizarreJC: @deberryandgrant I like the traditional romance. Man meets woman dislikes him at first connects for some kind of reason. in love #litchat
CandaceHavens: @kryianna #LitChat Oh, you have to catch up. The season finale was wicked!
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat I think that relationship is at the heart of most Romance. My girls also kick butt, but the relationship is the core
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens I love paranormal books. My first experience with that was a book by Allison Hobbs called Enchantress. #litchat
llunalila: @CandaceHavens yeah! paranormal is so fun bc you can make up lots of new plots and twists. No need for real life to interfear #LitChat
sheliamgoss: @deberryandgrant I don’t have to. I like all types of romance. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat That’s my favorite part of writing. Making up stuff.
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat I need to check that one out!
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens I agree–the relationship is the core and that’s what attracts me to the variety in the romance genre. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: What’s the most romantic book you’ve read? #LitChat
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens That’s a hard question because I’ve read at least 2 romance books a month for years. #LitChat
llunalila: @CandaceHavens sooo difficult! Lots of! Can’t choose only 1 But an old time favorite is Pride and Prejudice just bc it was the 1st #LitChat
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Romantic book for me is Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series. Yummy
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Understood.
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat P&P is always a good standby. I’ve read it so many times I had to buy a new copy.
llunalila: @CandaceHavens waw yes! I’m loving Gena’s Lords of the Underworld! Got Darkest Kiss here to start with it! #LitChat
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens That’s a hard one. I think the most romantic book for me was oh my I can’t choose. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat You can’t go wrong with the Gena
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Do you guys read YA romance? I liked Evermore, and loved Rosemary Clement Moore’s PRom Dates From Hell series
llunalila: @CandaceHavens my only problem is when she’s so funny I start laughing while commuting and people look at me as I was crazy #LitChat
CandaceHavens: #LitChat I should mention Gena and Rosemary are dear friends. BUT I really do love their books!
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Oh, and Marjorie M. Liu. I love it when she does tortured romance!
mizwrite: @CandaceHavens Hi, just popping in for a quick hello! Candace, how has your writing career changed over the years? #litchat
kryianna: @CandaceHavens #litchat I’d still love Rosemary’s books even if I didn’t consider her a friend. πŸ™‚ Is Evermore the book by Claudia Gray?
llunalila: @CandaceHavens haven’t read her yet, but promise will. I try to write YA romance as well (in Spanish) #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @mizwrite #LitChat It’s busier than ever and I have to manage my time better. πŸ™‚
mizwrite: @CandaceHavens well, that’s good news! Have you always written in same subgenre? #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat In Spanish? Awesome. I be there’s a big need in that market.
CandaceHavens: @mizwrite #LitChat On the subgenre… No, I just did a straight on romance for Blaze. Well, there were spies, but no paranormal antics. πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: #LitChat The Blaze comes out Feb. 2010. Dragons Prefer BLondes Debuts July 7, 2009. (Quick Plug). ;_)
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens What’s the name of your Blaze title with spies? #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Snort. I don’t know because I just turned it in and the editor has to come up with the title. At least I think sooo…
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Oh, no, what if they make me come up with a title? That’ll be scary!
mizwrite: @CandaceHavens Was it fun for you to switch it up from paranormal to suspense? Do you plan to continue in more than one subg? #litchat
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens When I write I write my title first.What do you write first? #litchat
CandaceHavens: @mizwrite #LitChat I do plan to keep evolving and trying different things. I’m easily bored so it’s a necessity. πŸ™‚
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens Do you outline or go by the seat of your pants? #litchat
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens Plugs are good!! Dragons Prefer Blondes out July 7! #litchat
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat It varies. Sometimes it’s the first line of the book. Sometimes the last line. Depends on the book.
sheliamgoss: @CandaceHavens lol. I’m sure you’ll do fine. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat I’m a pantser. But I have to have a brief synopsis for my editors to sell on proposal.
llunalila: @CandaceHavens I thought fiction didn’t sell on proposals. Suppose it’s different when they know what you are capable of πŸ™‚ #LitChat
CandaceHavens: #LitChat One last question for you guys, best kiss in a book. πŸ˜‰
mizwrite: @BizarreJC {Excellent questions, btw!!!} : ) #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat after a books in that changes. πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat ooops a few books in
llunalila: @CandaceHavens will have to publish the first then πŸ™‚ (still working on some of them) #LitChat
deberryandgrant: @llunalila Yes, fiction by established author can sell on a proposal/outline. #litchat
llunalila: @CandaceHavens best kiss? that’s real difficult, worse than best romance πŸ™‚ Lots of and I mean LOTS and Lots πŸ™‚ #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat Yes. Get that first book in and then see what happens. πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Come on guys. Best kiss in a book! I just read a great one in Jillian’s Burn’s May Blaze hot stuff.
sheliamgoss: Candace I’ve bookmarked your website and of course I’m following you now on Twitter. Have a good evening all. #LitChat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat How about most recent? πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: @sheliamgoss #LitChat Thanks for hanging with us!
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens Surely everyone isn’t being shy about a kiss?!The question could have been much more pointed. πŸ˜‰ #litchat
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens best kiss was in From Dusk to Dawn by Niambi Brown Davis. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant #LitChat Snort. Exactly!
llunalila: @CandaceHavens on Gena’s Darkest Night, bt/ Maddox and Ashlyn after she comes back! #LitChat
BizarreJC: @deberryandgrant lol #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat Perfect! So much passion!
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat I don’t know that book. Yet another I’m writing down. You are opening my world. πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Darn. Time went by too fast!
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens I read a lot and review books also so I get to know new and upcoming authors plus the seasoned ones. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat Now that is an awesome job.
llunalila: @CandaceHavens thanks for hosting and answering to us! great to read you, as always! #LitChat
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens You know what they say about time when you’re having fun. This is the end of #litchat. Thank all of you. #litchat
CandaceHavens: @llunalila #LitChat Thank you. I had a blast. I want to do it again!
gwenhayes: #LitChat @CandaceHavens Best kiss: Callahan and Grace in Too Good To Be True –in the kitchen, their 1st kiss, it was like FINALLY
BizarreJC: @CandaceHavens Thanks, Great chat. #litchat
CandaceHavens: #LitChat Don’t forget The Demon King and I in stores now and Dragons Prefer Blondes on July 7! πŸ™‚
CandaceHavens: @gwenhayes #LitChat that is a good one!!!!
CandaceHavens: @BizarreJC #LitChat You were awesome. Thanks for the book ideas.
llunalila: @CandaceHavens sure you’ll be welcome whenever you pop in. #LitChat
deberryandgrant: And a special thanks to @CandaceHavens for hosting. Feel free to stay and chat. and you can look for the transcript of today’s chat #litchat
deberryandgrant: Monday on https://litchat.net/. Carolyn will be back! #litchat
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant #LitChat There’s a transcript? Oh, Lord, the typos. πŸ˜‰
deberryandgrant: @CandaceHavens LOL! We’ll send it to a copy editor! #litchat
CandaceHavens: @StaceyKay6 #LitChat I’m embarrassed that I’ve never read her. But I will make up for that soon!
CandaceHavens: @deberryandgrant LOL #LitChat
gwenhayes: @CandaceHavens #LitChat And…Lisa Kleypas any of the kisses in the Wallflower series
CandaceHavens: Bye Gang! You guy were so much fun! #LitChat
llunalila: @CandaceHavens on http://www.litchat.net you can read all the transcripts a few days after! #LitChat
llunalila: @deberryandgrant and thanks to you for hosting. you did a nice job too! #litchat
deberryandgrant: @llunalila Happy to fill in. #litchat
DavidRozansky: Schedule please for #litchat #editorchat #followreader. Also seek recommendations for other book-related chats. #books #Publishing #writing
CandaceHavens: @gwenhayes #LitChat again feel out of because I haven’t read Lisa either. My Kindle bill is going to be enormous this month. πŸ˜‰
deberryandgrant: Next week on @LitChat The Power of Language in Literature M-W-F at 4PM ET #LitChat
DavidRozansky: I jmean, what is scheudle for #litchat #editorchat and #followreader
mmj5170: RT @deberryandgrant: Next week on @LitChat The Power of Language in Literature M-W-F at 4PM ET #LitChat
llunalila: @CandaceHavens we can’t read everything, but I’m copying the names @gwenhayes gave too for my huge list of to read books XD #LitChat
thrillerchick: RT @mmj5170: RT @deberryandgrant: Next week on @LitChat The Power of Language in Literature M-W-F at 4PM ET #LitChatΒ Β 
mizwrite: To @CandaceHavens – and will look for your book coming out on my birthday! : ) #litchat
mizwrite: To @deberryandgrant – You guys were great hosting #litchat today! : )
CandaceHavens: @LitChat Had a blast and want to do it again! #LitChat
briaquinlan: @CandaceHavens #LitChat 2nd @gwenhayes (Devil in Winter) AND JQ’s Romancing Mr. Bridgerton…where the heroine asks him to kiss her
deberryandgrant: @mizwrite Thank you! Did my (Virginia) best to step into Carolyn’s shoes for an hour. #litchat
hermitpaul: I would like to join in with #LitChat / @LitChat, if at all possible. I’ve finished “The Life of Pi” & now moving onto “Fight Club”.
househomeauthor: @deberryandgrant Thanks for the #followfriday and the good #litchat conversation. (I was lurking in and out)
deberryandgrant: @thrillerchick Thanks for the RT… #LitChat
deberryandgrant: @househomeauthor You’re welcome. Thanks for letting me know u were lurking…:-) #followfriday #litchat
LitChat: Finally settled in Miami and logged in. Will copy and post the chatscript later this weekend. #litchat


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