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WritingWednesday: Transitions in Fiction June 11, 2013

Posted by Carolyn Burns Bass in WritingWednesday.

Characters moving through time and space is the essence of fiction. How they pass through story is done through scenes and transitions. Transitions can be as simple as a double space break to indicate a new scene, or they can be one paragraph—even one sentence—expeditionary passages. Transitions can imply the passage of time, unveil a change of setting, or introduce new characters. In this week’s WritingWednesday, we’re going to discuss transitions in fiction. Listed below are some resources to support your knowledge of transitions.

Ask the Writing Teacher: Transitions
Edan Lepucki, The Millions

Scene Transitions and Hooks
Shirley Jump, shirleyjump.com

Mastering Scene Transitions
Beth Hill, The Editor’s Blog

Anne Rice on Transitions (video)
Anne Rice, Bedford/St. Martin’s Facebook

Transitions: Getting Your Story Through Time and Space
Caro Clarke, CaroClarke.com

Passages of Time and Transitions
Scott G. F. Bailey, The Literary Lab

A. J. Humpage, All Write – Fiction Advice

WritingWednesday discussion begins at 4 p.m. E.T. in Twitter using #litchat hashtag. See you there.


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