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WritingWednesday: Pacing in Fiction May 29, 2013

Posted by Carolyn Burns Bass in WritingWednesday.

Pacing is the time measure of a story. Some writers compare it to the rhythm of a musical composition, with high notes and low notes, fills, trills, and thrills. Finding the right pace for a story isn’t as easy as it sounds. Slow pacing can stall a story for readers, while excessive speed page after page can exhaust readers. This week in WritingWednesday we’re discussing pacing in fiction. Take a few minutes to review the following resources to help you understand the importance of pacing in fiction.

7  Tools for Pacing a Novel and Keeping Your Story Moving at the Right Pace
By Courtney Carpenter, Writer’s Digest

Pacing, Dialog and Action Scenes — Your Story At Your Speed
By Holly Lisle, hollylisle.com

Techniques to Establish Pacing
By Gerry Visco, Writer’s Store

By Dr. Vicki Hinze, Fiction Factor

Pacing Your Story
Fiction Writer’s Mentor

Writing A Page-Turning Novel: Pacing With Words
By Kathy Steffen, The How to Write Shop

Pacing Anxiety: How to Stop Padding and Plot
By Caro Clarke, caroclarke.com



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