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WritingWednesday: Show vs Tell March 27, 2013

Posted by Carolyn Burns Bass in WritingWednesday.

WritingWednesday for March 27, 2013: Show vs Tell

It’s one of the first guidelines taught in writing courses, and still one of the most misunderstood elements of good writing. Show vs tell sounds simple, and yet experienced as well as emerging writers find it challenging. This week in WritingWednesday, we’re discussing what show vs tell means, how to identify telling passages, and whether it’s ever okay to tell rather than show. Listed below are some resources to give you a good understanding of the writer’s prime directive.

Victoria Mixon, editor
The 6 Degrees of Show Vs Tell Rated by Quality

Writer’s Digest
There Are No Rules: Showing Vs Telling in Your Writing

Joshua Henkin in Writer’s Digest
There Are No Rules: Why Show Don’t Tell is the Great Lie of Writing Workshops

How Do You You Show Vs Tell in Writing Fiction?

Creative Writing Now
How to Write Fiction

Fiction Matters blog by Bonnie Grove
Writing Workshop: Show Vs Tell

Read Write & Edit
Show Vs Tell

Chatscript of this #litchat is available here.



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