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MediaMonday: Male vs Female Writers March 11, 2013

Posted by Carolyn Burns Bass in MediaMonday.

MediaMonday for March 11, 2013: Why are male writers reviewed and featured more than female writers? Source media from 2013 Vida Count.

“While it would be incredibly easy to begin by lambasting national publications like Harpers, The Paris Review, The New Republic, New York Review Of Books, Times Literary Supplement, The New Republic and The Nation for their gross (& indecent) neglect of female writers’ work, I fear the attention we’ve already given them has either motivated their editors to disdain the mirrors we’ve held up to further neglect or encouraged them to actively turn those mirrors into funhouse parodies at costs to women writers as yet untallied. Reason hasn’t worked. The devolution among their ranks screams itself increasingly red in the VIDA comparative charts.” —Amy King for Vida.

Read the chatscript of this discussion here.



1. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) - March 11, 2013

Eesh! As long as the ladies don’t begin to scream …

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