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The Triangle of Trust January 10, 2011

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Johanna Harness

Everyone picks books for different reasons. Some read only within a certain genre—romances, cozy mysteries, crime thrillers, etc.—while others read from a wide assortment to include both non-fiction and fiction. No matter the reason— the genre, the page-length, or reading format—each book is contained within a triangle framed by author, publisher and reader. This week in #litchat we’re discussing the literary triangle of trust.

Topic schedule for this week will be broken up as follows:

  • Monday: “What does it mean when a reader trusts an author?”
  • Wednesday: “How does an author establish trust?”
  • Friday: “What is the role of publishers in the triangle of literary trust?”

Joining us as guest moderator all week is Johanna Harness, founder of the Twitter community known as #amwriting. A writer of YA fiction, Harness began the #amwriting hashtag just by throwing together “I am writing” into a tag to share her personal writing progress. Before long other writers picked up the tag and a writing community was born. Harness won the inaugural Eight Cuts Chris Al-Aswad Prize for outstanding contribution to breaking down barriers in literature and the arts, held in honour of the brilliant young man who built Escape Into Life.

Follow Johanna Harness on Twitter at: @JohannaHarness.

Johanna Harness spends much of her time in other worlds, connecting with imaginary people and telling lies.

She enjoys the rest of her hours in modern-day Idaho, where she makes her sheep, cats, goldfish, and kids very happy.


1. Developing Trust: Readers, Authors, & Publishers | Johanna's big thoughts - January 10, 2011

[…] offered the chance to host #litchat this week, I jumped at the chance!  I’ve been dying to talk with smart, creative people […]

2. kathryn magendie - January 19, 2011

I so enjoyed last week’s discussion – thank you Johanna!

3. Johanna Harness - January 20, 2011

Thanks so much, Kathryn! It was my pleasure.

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