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LitChat Topic of the Week: Current Events in Fiction March 2, 2009

Posted by Carolyn Burns Bass in weekly topics.
LitChat topic for week of March 2: Current events in fiction–Novels that mirror the news.
Eric Barnes, author of SHIMMER (Unbridled Books, June 2009)

Eric Barnes, author of SHIMMER (Unbridled Books, June 2009) Photo by Brad Johnson

 Monday and Wednesday’s litchats will feature discussions about books that strike an uncanny resemblance to the news of the day, current events, trends, politics, lifestyle.

Friday we welcome our first guest author host, Eric Barnes, whose debut novel, Shimmer (Unbridled Books, June 2009) is a perfect example of a novel with an uncanny resemblance to current events.

From Eric’s website: Shimmer is a dark, sometimes comic novel about Robbie Case, CEO of a high-tech company in New York that is secretly built on a lie. Shimmer follows Robbie’s efforts to undo the financial and technical Ponzi scheme he has constructed, with Robbie struggling to protect the people and friends who work for him and to fight the fear that he might finally need — or want — to let the company collapse.

Sound familiar? Visit Eric’s website to read more about Shimmer and other real-world tie-ins, such as the recently crumbled Bernie Madoff ponzi empire.

If you have questions for Eric, feel free to post them in advance here and we’ll feed them to him on Friday during the litchat.

If you are an author and would like to host a litchat, please send us a DM through Twitter.

If you would like to suggest topics for litchats, we’re listening. Post them here or send us a DM.


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